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There are lots of ways to be a part of RADIUS programming and community, depending on your goals and interests in tackling social problems, building new models and building your own capacity. 

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Education & Training

Check out our fellowship program for emerging social innovation leaders, SFU student programs, or get in touch for custom training for your organization.

Social venture?

Social Venture Incubation

Explore current social venture support programs or pop by a mentor office hour. We've worked with over 100 awesome social ventures and entrepreneurs to date.

Social innovation labs?

Social Innovation & Systems Change

Engage in one of our current Lab areas as a participant, partner, or intern. Or get in touch if you think we can help in developing a new program.


We're always looking for ventures, innovators, and other changemakers!

We believe in the value of working together, peer learning, and the need for many perspectives and ideas in tackling stuck problems. All of our programs are delivered in cohorts, and we’re looking for great people at whatever stage of their journey. 

See some of the current programs below, and any open applications. 


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