Generating 10 Years of Positive Social Impact

RADIUS is proud and humbled by the work we have been part of over the years, including the support of over 170 social ventures. We have dove deep in social innovation labs and systems change work with various partners, working alongside hundreds of SFU students and community members, and engaging thousands of people through events and knowledge sharing.


Numbers at a Glance

  • Social Ventures Supported 157+
  • SFU Change Lab Alumni 180+
  • Hosted & Partner Events 100+
  • Total People Engaged 6400+
  • Student Internship Opportunities 40+
  • Funding for student projects $35000+
  • Conference presentations and talks 25+
  • # people following through social media and newsletter 5000+
  • # community, government, corporate partners 50+

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RADIUS utilizes donations to support our own ability to experiment with new programming, and to reduce financial barriers to participation in our programs.

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