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RADIUS is delighted to offer customized training and consulting for groups that are looking for support in amplifying their positive impact. Our custom engagements can help you and your teams move your organization forward as we delve deeper into finding innovative, collaborative, and equitable solutions to your challenges. We work alongside you every step of the way to ensure our sessions meet your objectives and achieve your outcomes.

Our Areas of Work

Solutions Labs

RADIUS is listed as an approved CMHC Solutions Lab Consultant.  Currently, RADIUS is supporting several different Solutions Labs projects, each 12-18 months in duration. Solutions Labs are an excellent way to find new, innovative solutions using a cross-sectoral collaborative approach.

Capacity Building

RADIUS supports organizations wanting to enhance their capacity and provides professional development opportunities to teams. Areas of expertise include: Social Innovation, Creativity & Innovation, Human-Centered Design, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation Labs, System Thinking, Systems Change, and more.

Strategic Planning

RADIUS can facilitate strategic planning processes, including aspects such as vision creation, values identification, and action planning. We can help your team get aligned on goals (1-year to 5-year), metrics, KPIs and any other elements you need for your planning purposes.


RADIUS supports organizations with fun, creative, and insightful sessions to help with team building. Our facilitators are experienced in navigating tensions and conflict and work with teams to create stronger working communities.

Meet Our Facilitation Team


I love helping clients with:

  • Equity & Inclusion based strategic/action planning
  • Building, prioritizing, and promoting inclusion and trust among in-groups, out-groups, and sub-groups
  • Creating organizational justice-based, equitable, diverse, and intentionally inclusive spaces and communities

Tools I utilize:

  • Critical self-reflection and analysis
  • Case studies and (fun!) simulations
  • Human-centred approaches 

See more about my background here.


I love helping clients with:

  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation
  • Ideation & Business Model Validation, with a focus on iterative design
  • Team Building and Engagement

Tools I utilize:

  • Business Model Canvas & Business Plan analysis
  • Multi-criteria decision making
  • Risk analysis
  • Project scheduling

See more about my background here.


I love helping clients with:

  • Understanding the Problem
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Ideation Processes
  • Business Model Design and Validation
  • Social Venture Development
  • Social Lab Design and Delivery

Tools I utilize: 

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Human Centred Design Tools/Processes
  • Creativity and Innovation Activities
  • Group Facilitation Tools
  • Root Cause Analysis

See more about my background here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"It was the first time we've ever brought all the different organizations together and I knew we needed someone with strong facilitation skills to keep us focused. The RADIUS facilitator was able to keep us on track without making the session feel rushed. It was serious work but we also wanted it to be fun. We finished the day with a joint vision for how we all work together."
Chris Diplock
The Thingery
“The team loved it and we were debriefing about our favorite moments. I think you may have more business coming your way!”
Laura Mannix
"Really tangible ways to incorporate social innovation into my role."
City of Surrey Emerging Leaders Workshop
"I learned a lot from [the] design sprint; I’ve incorporated some of [the] tools and techniques into an upcoming session I’m planning, and I have [RADIUS] to thank for several great ideas!"
Wayne Cousins
BC Hydro

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Where We Work

RADIUS offers flexible delivery and formatting and is pleased to

  • host your team in our office smart room, featuring floor to ceiling whiteboards, video and audio conferencing, and with a capacity for up to 20 participants;
  • travel to your team’s office or other selected venue.

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