Custom Workshops & Training

What custom workshops and training do we offer?

RADIUS is delighted to offer customized facilitation processes, learning experiences and trainings for organizations, companies, and community groups that are interested in applying social innovation and systems thinking tools to achieve their organizational goals.


Who do we work with?

If your team is keen to explore the methodologies we use in our programs, including design thinking, ideation, prototyping, creative facilitation techniques, and other innovative and engaging approaches to problem solving, we encourage you to connect with us. Engagements can range in duration from as little as two hours up to several days.

  • Your team or group wants to learn about Social Innovation, Design Thinking, or Labs for Social Change, and what it might mean to your area of work.
  • Your team or group wants to bring new energy and fresh ideas to a challenge you’re facing within your organization, or with a group of external stakeholders.


This is part presentation, part workshop, and can potentially be used to help you lightly explore a challenge you’re facing, depending on the time available. 

Areas of Specialty: Social innovation, human-centered design,
social innovation labs, adult learning techniques, design thinking, and more.

Typical session duration: 3-4 hours

Minimum time needed: 2 hours

Case Study: City of Surrey Emerging Leaders Workshop

The City of Surrey has twice engaged RADIUS SFU to lead a full-day workshop with their Emerging Leaders Program. Designed and facilitated by RADIUS SFU, the workshop’s stated objectives were that participants will leave being able to:

  • Describe the concept of social innovation
  • Use a design-thinking approach to articulate several ideas for how the City of Surrey might engage differently with the public:
    • Interview a user to assess the person’s needs and desires;
    • Summarize key points and insights arising from interview data;
    • Ideate possible solutions;
    • Physically prototype a social innovation; and
    • Receive and incorporate feedback.
  • Extrapolate how social innovation and the associated techniques could enhance outcomes within the learner’s role and responsibilities

Creative Facilitation

If your team wants to learn using methods that are fun and not the typical tools and techniques, creative facilitation will engage your participants and foster innovative thinking.  You might need one or more of the following: Stakeholder gathering/engagement; Team building/alignment; Personal/Team visioning; Ideation of new solutions; Rapid prototyping of ideas.

Our Areas of Specialty: Design Sprints, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Empathy-Building Methods, Art of Hosting, and more.

Typical session duration: 4-8 hours (occasionally several days)


Case Study: Bridging the Gap Workshop

In June 2018, Burnaby Community Services and the Burnaby Board of Trade convened participants at a half-day event called “Bridging the Employment Gap’ – Connecting the Underemployed and the Understaffed”.

Designed and facilitated by RADIUS SFU, the event’s stated objectives were to:

  • Chart the journey of people who are working in precarious and/or low wage jobs towards stable, full time careers,
  • Look for ways to shorten that transition, and
  • Brainstorm innovative services to support employees and employers to bridge the gap between the underemployed and the understaffed.  



Send us a note sharing a bit about yourself, the work you do, and what your needs are. Our team will be in touch shortly.

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