RADIUS Investment Fund

What is the RADIUS Investment Fund?

The RADIUS Investment Fund offers investments directly to social ventures that successfully participate in our Slingshot Accelerator program.

This investment pool acts as a new source of seed capital for entrepreneurs, helping to kick-start their fundraising efforts, and lowering the risk for VCs and other lenders.

Investment fund information

How Does it Work?

The Investment Model

We invest up to $25,000 cash and more than $15,000 in program and in-kind supports per venture – learn about our Slingshot Accelerator program here. Each investment is structured to preserve founder equity and align future repayment with your success in generating revenue and impact. 

This capacity, network and financial investment is in exchange for roughly 2% equity and a patient royalty stream based on gross revenue. The patient royalty schedule is 1% (Year 1 post-program), 3% (Year 2) and 5% (Year 3 and for any subsequent year until the previously agreed upon Royalty Cap is reached). 

This structure maintains more equity for founders, and helps ensure repayment is tied to your ongoing success. We’re repaid only when you are growing your revenue and impact in community, and we provide support well past the end of the formal program with both of our best interests in mind. 

Please note:

  • There are no other fees for participating in our Slingshot Accelerator program.
  • For companies exploring programs such as EBC (Eligible Business Corporation), this $25,000 can help you qualify to offer tax credits to all future investors. 
  • Investment is typically made two months into the program, once ventures have demonstrated traction and progress.

If you have further questions about this investment model we would be happy to chat – please contact Incubation Programs Manager VJ Terzic, at vjterzic@radiussfu.com.

For Investors and Potential Donors

The RADIUS Investment Fund is an evergreen pool of capital committed to producing ongoing value for the social venture community. Our investments support social ventures that might not otherwise be able to access early stage investment to fuel their growth, and we are often the first significant investor for participating companies.

This is only possible with impact minded investors and donors willing to contribute capital to grow and maintain a fund committed to advancing ventures doing business differently. This work is housed at Vancity Community Foundation, and all donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. 

For more information, contact RADIUS Director Shawn Smith at ssmith@radiussfu.com.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee meets three times per year to review how best to support our past investments and make new ones.

Partners and Sponsors

We are so grateful for the continuing support and funding of our partners and sponsors.