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Grounded in our RADIUS principles, our work centres the voices, agency, and choices of communities that are historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized. It is inspired and motivated by the lived expertise and experiences of our team and the communities we work with. We strive to walk the talk when it comes to embedding Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into how and why we do the work we do.

Here are some of the ways we do that:

We welcome and celebrate each other as our whole, authentic selves and intersecting, hyphenated, beautiful identities. We bring in the energy of pastimes and loved ones and the heaviness of headlines and global events. We do this with humanity check-ins, Slack emojis, and swearing without judgement.

Equity-centred work can feel risky, harmful, and exhausting, especially in this climate. It is also joyful, impactful, and necessary.

We lead together, from our Leadership Team being co-directors to our consulting projects steered by co-project managers. This boosts our resilience in many ways with structured support, sense of safety, and continued collaboration.

We believe in recognizing emotional labour as work, valuing rest, prioritizing safety, and being a community of care.

We believe that diversity is an outcome of accountability, inclusion, and equity. As individuals and as an organization, we know how moving from commitment to tangible action is non-linear, iterative, and imperfect. But we prioritise transparency, trust, repairing harm, and are inspired by Rohene Bouajram’s words to give ourselves grace and extend grace.

Living and working within White dominant culture, we give space for individual and organizational learning, unlearning, and healing in ways that are brave & compassionate and guided by work ranging from Tema Okun, Sxwpilemaát Siyám (Chief Leanne Joe, Squamish Nation) & Lily Raphael, Mathura “Temwa” Mahendren, to Resmaa Menakem.

We hope this sets the foundation for candidates who identify as Black, Indigenous, and racialized to feel encouraged to apply to career opportunities with us.


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