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What is the Health Promotion Lab?

The RADIUS Health Promotion Lab aims to centre health equity while fostering the creation and incubation of equity-based models, ventures, partnerships, and interventions by those from communities disproportionally impacted by health inequities.

Through our current Lab programs including, Reimagine Health and Trampoline — we support individuals and ventures at their various stages of exploration, ideation, and action, through cohort-based, equity-centred learning and mentorship.

What We Mean When We Say:

Health Equity:

What we are working towards by addressing the unfair and avoidable health differences shaped by the social determinants of health that are deeply rooted in systems and institutions.

Social Determinants of Health:

The conditions in which we live in that contribute to one’s vulnerability to preventable chronic diseases and health challenges.


A term first coined by Kimberlee Crenshaw- we apply this concept in our work to achieve health equity by centring the lived experiences of impacted communities to understand the health differences among communities and how it’s influenced by the interconnectedness of social identities.


A collaborative space for focused learning discovery and action, focused on systemic change.

We're currently offering three unique lab programs for social ventures and ideas:

The Reimagine Health Program is a six-month cohort-based program that supports community members and leaders to explore health equity issues in their communities and build ideas to prevent chronic diseases. Through Reimagine Health, we support you to produce new and better initiatives that address the systems that actively influence health disparities.      

The Slingshot Accelerator Program is a six-month program that supports early stage, social impact ventures that are ready to grow. Through Slingshot’s unique combination of cohort based learning, individualized mentorship, and equity investment, RADIUS supports ventures to become investment, market, and growth ready.


The Trampoline Business Model Validation Program is a two to three month pre-accelerator for very early stage ventures or individuals with a health promoting solution. Through Trampoline’s validation program, we test your business model for alignment in three key areas, daylight critical gaps, and give you the confidence you need to move forward.




Meet the Team Behind the Health Promotion Lab

Ilhan Abdullahi

Program Manager

Ilhan is a Somali-Canadian whose parents’ migration journey brought her to these unceded Coast Salish Lands at a very young age. Stemming from her family’s experience of being racialized newcomers, Ilhan has been passionate in addressing social and health inequities and developed a commitment to social justice. Having spent some time in community activism, youth work and health promotion in the Lower Mainlands of Vancouver, Ilhan then moved to Toronto to pursue her Masters in Public Health and gain a critical intersectional analysis on what promotes vulnerability to health inequities. She has recently returned to BC and is ecstatic to get involved in health equity and community work. When she’s not working, you can find her embarking on solo travels somewhere in the world.

Shikhank Sharma


Shikhank has been actively involved in the social impact space academically and professionally for a number of years in areas of social innovation, impact investing, education, and sustainability. His journey to grow and learn led him from his home in the vibrant city of Delhi in Northern India to North America over ten years ago. During this time, Shikhank has been grateful for the communities that he has been a part of, his own lived experiences, and the shared knowledge of those around him for helping him better his understanding of the world in all its brilliance and juxtapositions. Over the years, Shikhank has collaborated with various impact organizations – nonprofits, universities, and social enterprises – in roles and projects related to strategic planning, community engagement, capacity building, and research. 
It brings Shikhank utmost joy when he is able to help individuals and groups facing a sticky issue related to an idea or a project have the “a-ha” moments where they are able to figure out a path forward.

Dal Sohal

Associate Director, Labs

Dal is an educator, learning strategist, facilitator and leadership coach. She has worked at SFU for many years in a variety of roles supporting student success and student engagement. As an independent consultant, she has provided training and coaching to organizations and individuals in the areas of leadership, interpersonal communication and team building.

Dal immigrated to Canada as a small child with her parents. Her lived experience as a South Asian woman growing up on unceded Coast Salish Lands has helped shape her perspective and commitment to creating inclusive spaces and improving access for people from historically marginalized groups. Her guiding leadership philosophy embodies caring connection, reflective thinking and listening, and promotion of continuous learning. In addition to her current role at RADIUS as the Associate Director – Labs, Dal teaches interpersonal business communication in SFU Continuing Studies. Dal has a MA in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University and a BA from SFU.

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