What is Trampoline?

RADIUS’ Health Promotion Lab Trampoline program is an eight-session business model validation program for very early stage ventures (startups and nonprofits) working to address health inequities in their communities, with a focus on chronic disease prevention. Through Trampoline’s capacity building sessions, we test your business model for alignment in key areas, daylight critical gaps, and give you the confidence you need to move forward.

Who Should Apply?

We are actively recruiting ventures with innovative business models that center health equity in their work to promote healthier environments and lifestyles. This can be through the delivery of services, programs or the adoption of healthful products that encourage the following:

You are:

The objective of RADIUS’ Trampoline program is to help early stage entrepreneurs validate their business model. In addition to providing tools to strategically grow an organization, the Trampoline program supports very early stage ventures to test alignment across three critical success factors:

With these three themes aligned, you’re off to the races. Missing one? Time to pivot, revise, or go back to the drawing board. Trampoline is your eight-week process to find out where you and your venture stand.

Program Overview

Structure: 8 weeks; 3 hour sessions + ~5 hours per week of take-home work

Schedule:  Wednesday’s, 5:30-8:30PM, October 7-November 25

Location: Trampoline will be delivered online.

Cohort: Limited to 12 ventures

Cost: Thanks to the generous support from the Public Health Agency of Canada and Genome BC, there is no fee required to participate in the RADIUS Trampoline program.


Coming out of your nine week business model validation experience, you’ll have:

Program Content

The program will include the following:

How to Apply

Applications are now closed!

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If you have questions about the Trampoline Program, email Ilhan Abdullahi, Health Promotion Manager, at iabdullahi@radiussfu.com.


Supporting the Health Promotion Trampoline Program

The Health Promotion Trampoline Program is supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada and Genome BC.