Consulting & Training Services

RADIUS offers equity-centred consultancy services in pursuit of building individual and institutional capacity to collectively respond to complex challenges of our time.

We work towards this vision by training, coaching, and delivering projects around community engagement, organizational development, and problem-solving using liberatory, inclusive design, and anti-racism approaches.

Our services include

  • Facilitation, Engagement, and Process Design
  • Organizational Strategy and Support
  • Training and Capacity Building


RADIUS’ Consulting and Training Services team applies innovative and equitable project and facilitation methodologies in our work across public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

Our foundation is grounded in:

Doing the Work

We know through our own experience  how moving from commitment to tangible action in becoming inclusive leaders and organizations is an unclear, imperfect, and difficult process. We have started and continue to do this tough work evolving ourselves individually and RADIUS’ structures and systems. We also bring deep, multifaceted expertise from both our lived experiences as Black, Indigenous, and racialized humans and facilitators, alongside our experience working with diverse communities that offers invaluable insights.

Humanity & Deep Equity

We take a proactive approach towards, and ownership of, real inclusion in our day-to-day lives and the work we do, striving for safe, dignified, and anti-racist experiences and environments for all. Our work centres racialized communities and people who are historically and persistently marginalized so we are better represented, heard, valued, and flourish in all contexts.

And this foundation has informed our approaches:

Strengths-based Approach

We work with humility rather than a deficit and punitive stance, creating the conditions for ongoing learning and growth in leaders and organizations. We look at current strengths to build upon and leverage these opportunities to shift current processes and practices to be more human-centered and inclusive.

Systems Lens

We partner with you to create actionable, equitable, and accountable solutions to tackle complex, intersecting organizational and societal challenges. We analyze and deliver projects addressing individual, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels of a problem, drawing from theory and best practices around behavioural and systems change.

Sustainable Change

We steer away from short-term gains or fixes. Instead, our approach and project delivery focus on creating long-term, positive impact for our clients and communities they serve. Our work focuses on building internal skills and creating the conditions for clients to co-design and carry the work forward through ongoing learning and growth.

Our Services

Liberatory, Inclusive Design and Action Labs

Liberatory, Inclusive Design and Action Labs

Action Labs provide a facilitated process to tackle complex organizational, institutional, or societal challenges, blending problem-solving and engagement methodologies. Offering our coaching and/or facilitation services results in co-created processes - centring those most impacted - to define, develop, test, and advance innovative policies, projects, or programs for more impactful and equitable outcomes.

Research, Analysis, and Equity Assessments

Research, Analysis, and Equity Assessments

We conduct internal assessments on policies and processes to identify barriers and opportunities for building more equitable organizations. Paired with a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion lens, we synthesize findings and research into actionable, customized recommendations.

Equity-centred Learning and Development

Equity-centred Learning and Development

We use interactive modules, group reflection sessions, and customized workshops to develop and deepen Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) capacity, skills, and application. Some of our modules include: Foundations of Anti-Racism, Leading JEDI-Centered Organizations, and Before Diversity.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We have facilitated in-person and virtual projects for 20 to over 1,000 community and organizational participants engaging widely from executive teams and racialized communities to low-income seniors and academic advisory committees. We work towards creating safe and accountable spaces for rich, and often tough, discussions through intentional design and facilitation using inclusive and equitable engagement principles.

Planning and Evaluation

Planning and Evaluation

In tandem with our research and analysis, we work alongside leadership and staff teams to develop strategic plans, evaluation frameworks, and actionable, implementable, and accountable ways to attain organizational objectives around equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Customized Training and Coaching

Customized Training and Coaching

We offer one-on-one and small group coaching for key personnel to build leadership and comfort around JEDI and inclusive design capacity. This individualized support is provided throughout the entire process of defining, designing, redesigning, and implementing organizational practices and culture that centre justice and equity.

Our Team

Leah Sanford

Leah (she/her) is the Associate Director, Education and Training and Co-Director at RADIUS. Leah brings over 25 years in the not-for-profit, business, community, and educational sectors. She has experience as a director, program manager, facilitator, faculty member, and consultant and has led the development, implementation, and assessment of multiple major anti-racism and JEDI projects . She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts, French, Linguistics, and Education from Simon Fraser University, a Master of Arts in Intercultural Education from Royal Roads University, and is a PhD student specializing in Education and Cultural Studies at the University of British Columbia.  Leah’s lived experiences and expertise of being a Black woman and mother to a Black daughter are woven throughout her approach and methodologies and are what drive her to do this work, ensuring those in the margins are centred and truly heard.

Katie Miller

Katie (she/her) is a Senior Portfolio Manager on RADIUS’ Consulting Services team. With over 10 years of experience working in Canada and internationally in the social enterprise and social innovation sector, Katie holds extensive experience in the design and delivery of interactive, collaborative, and equitable learning processes. She specializes in early stage social enterprise incubation, inclusive design, and action/solutions lab facilitation. She has completed her degree in Business Administration, International Business from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology and trained facilitator through Art of Hosting. Additionally, being of mixed European and Algonquin heritage, Katie brings a passion to explore decolonial processes. 

Miranda Eng

Miranda (she/her) is a Portfolio Manager on RADIUS’ Consulting Services team. She brings over 10 years of experience working in and consulting for all levels of government, non-profit and academic institutions, and advisory committees. She has led large-scale and high-profile public and stakeholder engagement processes to inform equity- and human-centered policies and projects on topics from health, housing, public transportation, and the climate emergency. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Economics from the University of British Columbia, a Master of Science in Strategic Management and Planning from University College Dublin with her thesis specializing in behavioral strategy, and Prosci Certification in Change Management. Since 2017, Miranda has also been co-chair and board director for the hua foundation, a non-profit working with Asian diasporic youth, government, and non-profit institutions to challenge, change and create systems for a more equitable future.  She is a second-generation immigrant from a lineage of strong Chinese matriarchs.

Raphael Ochil

Raphael (he/him) is a Portfolio Manager on RADIUS’ Consulting  Services team. He brings over five years of experience in project management, community development, social innovation, and policy research in addition to over five years in banking, sales, and marketing. He has experience creating, implementing, and facilitating engagement sessions using equity and trauma-informed engagement approaches. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University specializing in Public Policy and International relations and is certified by the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy in Framework for Analyzing Public Policies. He is Black African, born and raised in Ghana, West Africa.

Melanie Matining

Melanie Matining (she/her)  is an Organizational Development Consultant who works alongside companies and non-profits to translate intentions to positive impact in their workforce and wider communities. She believes that everyone benefits from a workplace that prioritizes equitable, accessible, and inclusive systems and practices. She holds formal training in operations management through BCIT and has an academic background in gender theory and linguistics through the University of Victoria. Melanie currently sits as the co-chair for the Multiculturalism Council of BC and lends support as a board director and advisor for local organizations. Melanie is first-generation Tagalog and she walks every day in love and liberation alongside communities working towards queer rights, Indigenous solidarity, and migrant and racialized justice.

Equity-centred Learning and Development

We offer online learning modules and customized group reflection sessions on the foundations of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI), and their applications as leaders and in organizations.

Through these modules and reflection sessions, we aim to:

  • Clarify and deepen understanding of JEDI principles and their importance;
  • Provide opportunities and spaces to learn, unlearn, and apply;
  • Grow critical analysis skills to link and apply JEDI to personal and professional roles and opportunities; and
  • Equip and empower with tools to take actionable and accountable steps for systems change.

Modules can be selected individually or taken collectively as a progression and package, culminating from setting the foundation internally and taking action, to creating change within the structures we work and live in. For a full list of our modules and their learning objectives, click below.

Examples of Our Work

RADIUS worked with the Seniors Housing Lab to co-create interventions to address issues faced by seniors in British Columbia.




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