First Peoples Enterprise Accelerator Program

What is the First Peoples Enterprise Accelerator Program?

The First Peoples Enterprise Accelerator Program is a ten-year collaboration between Simon Fraser University and the RBC Foundation to support entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities.

The vision of the program is to be a catalyst and resource for sustainable economic growth and diversification in Indigenous communities, using citizen entrepreneurship as its primary vehicle.


FPEAP works with Indigenous partners to co-create entrepreneurship programs that will best serve their communities. Building off of RADIUS’ experience and tested Trampoline and Slingshot models, the FPEAP consists of two related components:

  • Direct, cohort-based incubation and support of Indigenous entrepreneurs; and
  • Research and inquiry into the enabling conditions and barriers related to Indigenous entrepreneurship.

While each program will differ depending on the needs and local context of each community, all will share in their approach of co-creation and collaboration among partnerships that are built on mutual trust, respect, and a commitment to building healthy communities. ​


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