12 ways to #BuyItFwd with RADIUS Ventures this holiday season

From a monthly healthy snack or organic tea subscription, to self-watering container gardens and homesteading know-how, to upcycled and traditionally woven bags, to a transformative semester studying abroad, RADIUS Ventures past and present have got you covered this holiday season. RADIUS is delighted to be part of the BC Partners for Social Impact #BuyItFwd holiday campaign, supporting local social enterprises and ventures. Check out these 12 ways to #BuyItFwd with RADIUS Ventures!

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1. Basic Design
#Trampoline2 alum Basic Design creates beautiful bags, backpacks, wallets, furniture, and more from upcycled banners, rubber, and wood. Innovators within Vancouver’s maker and upcycling communities, Jesi and Theunis have collaborated on the recent launches of the MakerStore and Lupii Cafe, Vancouver’s first zero waste cafe.
Check out their designs online and buy online through the MakerStore. You can also check them out at the #FestiveUs Holiday Market and Mixer on December 20th.

2. The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company

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The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company is Indigenous-owned and plant-inspired. This #Slingshot3 venture creates teas that pair local foods like juniper berries and nettles with global favourites like rooibos and green teas. Their small-batch sodas mix florals with fruits – like their delicious lavender ginger or rose lemonade. The Capilano is owned and operated by Michelle and Paisley Nahanee, a mother-daughter family from the Squamish Nation.
Shop online and check out their holiday pop-up shop, December 11th-23rd, 11am-7pm at 221 Abbott St – also featuring RADIUS ventures Amoda Tea and Wuchild!

3. LifeSpace Gardens

#Slingshot2 alum LifeSpace builds beautiful, self-watering container gardens in North Van. Perfect for patios and balconies, these beautiful gardens need watering only every couple of weeks, thanks to patent-pending reservoir + wicking technology. A perfect gift for the gardeners in your life – from aspiring or downsizing green thumbs looking for something compact and low-maintenance, to dedicated enthusiasts ready to step up their game. Find the perfect self-watering garden here.

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4. Suspiro: Ecobags from the Andes
Founded by Veronica Buitron, an independent textiles designer, #SaltoSocial alum Suspiro produces a diverse line of bags, pouches, and scarves for the socially and environmentally conscious consumer. Suspiro aims to motivate craftsmen, particularly women spinners and weavers, to continue their ancient craft by using traditional textiles production techniques and also seeks to promote responsible textile practices through the use of natural fibers and recycled materials. The Salto Social program was developed with and led by RADIUS partner Impacto Quito.

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5. Naked Snacks: Delicious snacks, delivered right to you
Subscribe to #Slingshot3 venture Naked Snacks and receive a package of 5 snacks each month – 80% healthy, 20% treats! Give the gift of healthy snacks to a friend, colleague, or loved one. Add a custom message to make it special – a one month, three-month, or six-month subscription! A few of our favourites: ginger staycation, chipotle lime pistachios, sriracha cashews, and wasabi-me.

6. Homestead Junction

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This #Slingshot2 alum, formerly known as Homesteader’s Emporium, brings together a community of students, teachers, foodies, farmers, country-folk, and city-slickers at their brick and mortar shop at 649 E Hastings and beyond. The perfect place for the people in your life who love cooking, fermenting, growing, cultivating, crafting, and so much more – tools, supplies, workshops, and make-it-yourself kits galore! Check them out!

7. Amoda Tea

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Gift a personal delivery of amazing teas that’s guaranteed to delight month after month from #Slingshot3 venture Amoda Tea (3- and 6-month subscriptions available). Or try a gift set – for the purist, the workaholic, the manly man, and the matcha lover!

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8. Wuchild
#Trampoline2 alum Wuchild is Yvette Wu and Bernedice Paul’s brainchild and labour of love. These two East Van moms offer stylish tops and head wraps for babies, kids, and adults – their #parklife and feminist lines have taken off! Get yours now.

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9. Insight Global Education: A Semester in Development in Uganda 
#Slingshot2 alum Insight Global Education offers an incredible educational experience in Uganda. From learning how to navigate the streets of Kampala, to engaging in a stimulating discussion on foreign aid, the Semester in Development is designed for anyone interested in learning what it’s like to study, work and live in a developing nation.Semester in Development participants study at the prestigious Makerere University and intern with a local organization (on of 16 partners across 5 sectors) to gain hands-on experience. An ideal program for students looking to gain meaningful skills and experiences in a non-traditional setting, the program ensures students develop a holistic understanding of the day to day challenges of a truly emerging nation.
Applications before December 31st save $100 towards the cost of the program. Take a look!

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10. Thirsty Whale Elixirs
Looking for a great way to bring a lot of fruit flavour to your sodas or cocktails, but not a lot of sugar and no preservatives? #Slingshot3 venture Thirsty Whale Elixirs brings you hand-crafted, small batch shrubs, a thirst-quenching fruit-vinegar-sugar syrup made from local BC fruits.. Mix ¾ oz of shrub with water or soda water for a refreshing beverage, use it as a unique mixer in your favourite cocktail, add it to champagne, or add it to a homemade salad dressing, marinade, or sauce. Be as creative as you like!
Currently available in apple spice, cranberry ginger, strawberry rhubarb, pear thyme, blueberry lavender, and peach vanilla cardamom: order now!

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11. New District: A BC wine countdown
#Slingshot2 alum New District connects you to BC’s vineyards, through their online wine marketplace and compelling storytelling. After their wine advent calendar sold out fast, New District is launching a 12-bottle Christmas Countdown – an impressive gift or way to spoil yourself, featuring crisp whites, spicy rich reds, and a sweet surprise. 

12. Transformation Projects: Party It Up with these Changemakers!

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Hosted by #Slingshot2 alum Transformation Projects, the New Moon Sparkle Party: A Holiday Soirée for Changemakers will be the season’s hottest, shiniest winter dance party!
Game-changers, solution-seekers, change-makers, truth-speakers, art-makers and justice-keepers: save the date! This is an opportunity to support the work of your extended community, network, schmooze, cheers and DANCE!
Feat. Inspiring tunes from DJ T-Spoon (Delhi 2 Dublin), Chillout Tea & Conversation Bar (upstairs), Veggie Pot Pies on the dance floor, proper cheese plates and exquisite bartending.
WHEN: Friday, Dec 11th (8pm – late)
WHERE: Beaumont Studios (326 W 5th) Two levels, chillzones, great lighting, sprung dancefloor…
Get your tickets now using the promo code “radiussparkle”. You can also RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook.
RADIUS joins CityStudio, Social Venture Institute, Groundswell, Vancouver Design Nerds, the HiVE, Changemakers Vancouver, Junxion, Gen Why Media, Creative Coworkers, Happy City Lab, and others for what is sure to be an incredible night on the town. See you there!

That’s all for now, folks! Check out more RADIUS Ventures, and have yourself some very happy holidays!