Announcing the 2017 Trampoline Cohort!

We are excited to introduce the participants of the fourth Trampoline cohort!

The Trampoline program is a validation stage program for impact focused entrepreneurs and ventures looking for support to test and refine their business model, to better position themselves for success. Meet the Trampoline 2017 entrepreneurs!

  • Jesse Eckert & Hyuma Frankowski – Upcycle Grains
    Upcycyle Grains upcycles spent brewers grain and turns it into a vegan super powder that is pre-biotic, high in fibre, protein and amino acids and low in gluten.

  • Ayissi Nyemba – Emkaos Foods
    Emkaos Foods is a family business created with the intention of suppporting an entire village in Cameroon by helping local women monetize the production of organic foods and beverages.

  • Chantal Denis – Spoonful of Chanti
    Spoonful of Chanti is a sustainable food company that focuses on tackling issues of both food security and sustainable food systems through progressive catering menus and hands-on, empowering food education.

  • Alicia Medina – Oddity Kombucha
    Oddity Kombucha is a local kombucha company known for its experimentation with unique flavours and use of locally sourced ingredients.

  • Rene Blanco – Odin Vikers
    Odin Vikers have created a proprietary, multi-person bicycle for tourist, corporate and other groups to use as a way to explore Vancouver in a unique new way.

  • Victoria Buffalo Robe & Charlie Oikawa – Holistic Buffalo
    Holsitic Buffalo create wild crafted natural oils for healing use, informed by their founders’ Indigenous traditions.