Announcing the Inaugural Trampoline Cohort!

We are excited to introduce the participants of our inaugural Trampoline cohort!
RADIUS Ventures has launched its first Trampoline summer cohort, bringing together a diverse cohort of social entrepreneurs to test and build their ideas. The Trampoline program is a validation stage program for impact focused entrepreneurs and ventures looking for support to test and refine their business model, to better position themselves for success. Meet the Trampoline 2014 entrepreneurs!

  • Peter Ciuffa – Pasta Famiglia
    A business that provides local hand-made and air dried artisanal pasta.

  • Kenny Teng – Provenance
A software application to assist students in learning.

  • Jacinthe Koddo – Pilot Kitchen
Interactive gatherings hosted by a holistic nutritionist in your home or corporate kitchen.

  • Wes Wong – The Cleanup Monster

    A green alternative dish cleaning service for restaurants in food courts.

  • Negar Naghshinehpour – H2GO
    Monitoring devise for home and office water usage.

  • Allyson Clark 

    A young girls outdoor leadership program to build confidence and vision in high-school females through outdoor encounters.

  • Chris Diplock – Ponder Research Inc.
    Customized tools to help organizations capture key data, analyze it, and report on it.

  • Hermosa Farca – KuKit
A web platform allowing local and travelling foodies alike to book cooking lessons with home-cooks.

  • Patrick de Sousa – Our Brewery

    A local community-based and environmentally responsible brewery.

  • Tanya Lee & Madeleine Shaw – G Day

    A community-based rite of passage celebration for adolescent women.