Announcing the Trampoline 2016 Cohort!

We are excited to introduce the participants of the third Trampoline Cohort!

The Trampoline program is a validation stage program for impact focused entrepreneurs and ventures looking for support to test and refine their business model, to better position themselves for success. Meet the Trampoline 2016 entrepreneurs!

  • Harmony Redsky – Freely
    Freely is a wearable that provides additional safety measures for women in Canada.

  • Nick Cheung – Leefy
    Leefy provides workshops to develop emotional stability and social competency.

  • Kevin Kimoto –  Uproot
    Uproot provides education for upcycling and about the circular economy.

  • Khayla Almonte-Davila – REACH
    REACH is an online community-based platform to assist refugees resettlement efforts, increasing support for newcomers to Canada.

  • Hilary Meredith & Stephanie Petersen
    Are working to develop a platform to connect workers who have alternative working needs with organizations that need their skills.

  • Sally Guerrero – NyO – Fortified Breakfast
    NyO is a fortified breakfast that uses natural, nutritious and delicious juice. It is based on a Peruvian recipe to replace unhealthy, artificial juices.

  • Paul Piaskowski – PeopleCultureImprov
    PeopleCultureImprov addresses institutional barriers to collaborative problem solving in the workplace through improv techniques, while fostering an appreciation for the arts

  • Randal Gillis
    Is interested in developing a prevention-focused model, including a prototype for a board game to encourage positive mental health development among youth.

  • Chris Hakes & Azadeh Ardakani – LeapFrog Strategies
    Upcycling food waste that would otherwise go to landfill, creating healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices from recovered fruits and vegetables.