Trampoline Business Model Validation Program – Jan/Feb 2017

Are you developing a business idea that will help address social and environmental justice or ecosystem health? Are you looking to access proven expertise to help guide you in developing and testing your business plan? Do you want to join a network of other social entrepreneurs as you tackle the challenges of starting your own business?
The Trampoline program is a validation stage program for new and emerging impact ventures looking to test and refine their business model. The program is designed to support entrepreneurs and ventures to test alignment, or potential alignment, between the following three core themes:

  1. The Problem: Is your venture focused on addressing a real, meaningful, and impactful problem?
  2. The Solution: Is your proposed solution viable and effective in addressing the problem without creating new ones?
  3. The Entrepreneur: Are you the entrepreneur or team to move this project forward?

With these three core themes aligned, you are off to the races. Missing one? Time to pivot, revise, or go back to the drawing board. Trampoline is your eight-week process to find out where you and your venture stand.

The program:

The core program consists of four-hour workshop sessions every week for eight weeks. Participants should expect to spend an additional three hours per week of work outside of the classroom.
What you’ll leave with:

  • The confidence and clarity to move quickly and make it happen
  • A complete and customer-tested pitch deck
  • An action plan with your next steps to a Minimum Viable Product or Service
  • Prioritized sales channels, customer types, and revenue opportunities
  • New and lasting connections with like-minded and local entrepreneurs
  • Frameworks and processes you can continue to use going forward
  • Exposure through RADIUS communications channels and networks

Interested in learning more? Check out what our community is saying.

“One of the great things about this program is that you come in with an idea and they really challenge you to look at that idea, break it down, and see if you can make it work… it’s an unbelievably rewarding process.” – Trampoline Alumni
“I feel a lot more prepared and confident to go out and test this product… it’s been amazing.” – Trampoline Alumni
“The instructors have been pretty fantastic, and they constantly are pushing you to think about your business in a different way and to really make sure you are asking the right questions and getting the right information.” – Trampoline Alumni

Apply here. Applications will be reviewed as received and we may begin pre-work with companies as soon as accepted, so apply early!
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