Meet the 2016 Social Innovation Activators: Amar, Christine, & Zoya

RADIUS is proud to announce the 2016 Social Innovation Activators: Amar Badh, Christine Dyson, and Zoya Jiwa. RADIUS launched the Social Innovation Activators program this year to bring together three emerging SFU changemakers who will help understand, shape, and activate a stronger social innovation community, engaging all faculties on all SFU campuses. The following students were selected due to their proven accomplishments and exceptional potential.
SI activators composite
Amar Badh
Amar’s first foray into Social Innovation came with him building homes in Fiji for impoverished families. There he was inspired to begin his journey towards creating change in the world by creating sustainable and inclusive communities. An example of which was his team’s project for Change Lab where they focused on creating sustainable transportation options for people living in and around Vancouver. A Joint Major in Molecular Biology and Business Administration, Amar combines his training as a scientist and the creativity and empathy of a marketer to conceptualize and drive tangible solutions to wicked problems.
Christine Dyson
While new to the realm of social innovation, having been introduced in a class last semester, Christine is passionate about finding creative ways for solving both environmental and social issues. An environmental geography student within the Faculty of Environment, Christine worked with her Change Lab team to develop an initiative that provides healthy, affordable and convenient food to Vancouver’s binning community. Christine brings significant experience to the Activators program exemplified through her deep involvement within the SFU community in various student leadership positions.
Zoya Jiwa
A student of Sociology, Sustainable Community Development, and Entrepreneurship, Zoya is one of SFU’s top emerging changemakers. Founder of As We Are, an online fashion platform for people who are facing health challenges with style and courage, Zoya is passionate about building a community of collaboration, creativity and innovation. Over the past year, Zoya has been part of the RADIUS Fellows program, The Next Big Thing Foundation, and recently spoke at TEDxSFU about the story behind As We Are.
The Social Innovation Activators will be working with Researcher and Campus Projects Coordinator Rizwan Qaiser to identify gaps, create partnerships, and build solutions to support SFU as a leading change-making institution.