Kuelii Smart Design: The Beginnings of a Journey

The SFU Student Social Innovation Fund, a collaboration between RADIUS and Embark, provides project funding of up to $1000. Below, we get a second update from Kuelii Smart Fan, a project team funded earlier this year. Catch up by reading with their first post here.

Twas the middle of winter and in our hands was the first 3D printed and assembled model of our proof of concept. I unlatched and shoved the heavy window separating us from the cold world outside. As we gathered around, I took our model and slid it into the gap before closing the window tightly around the model. Then Cindy plugged it in. It came to life.
At least that’s the way it played out in my head.
Soon after the end of IAT 267, Dolapo, TA for IAT 381: Android Development, joined us and we took our proof of concept on a road trip down to University of Washington (UW) Startup Weekend. There we joined up with Andrew and Adam of Sodo Makerspace, Tuan from UW, and Rob to bring an MVP to life over the weekend. We came in 2nd overall! Through the process, we picked up important skills such as evaluation and validation as well as pitching and presentation (see the video we produced for the Startup Weekend UW in 24 hours below).

Over the last few months, we participated in a few other competitions such as the SFU Entrepreneur of the Year and Alphagear Lab’s Hardware Cup, making it to the semi-finals in both. Throughout those processes, we were able to learn a great deal about ourselves and the industry we’re entering. It also greatly helped us in refining our business plan by receiving critique from those with experience in the industry.

Image 1.2

Lights. Fan. Frame…. what could it possibly be?

Coming up in our next post: a deeper dive into our product development.
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