Media Round-Up: Ventures + Fellows in the News!

It’s been a great news week for some of the radical doers RADIUS is lucky to work with. Take a look!

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Keys to the Street on the CBC

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Current Trampoline 2 venture Keys to the Street was featured by the CBC this week, both online and on air.

CityStudio ran the public piano project, Keys to the Streets, the past two summers but is now stepping back. Two volunteers have started a fundraising campaign in a bid to keep the program running. Aaron Tilston-Redican and Becky Till are taking the reins and plan to roll out 10 pianos again this summer….

‘The goal is to raise $20,000 so that we can get out those 10 pianos again,’ said Tilston-Redican.

The duo plan to use some of the funds to create a long-term solution as well. Tilston-Redican explained they want future project leaders to have a source of consistent funding.

‘The goal is that in 20 years, these pianos are still out on the street in Vancouver,’ he said.” Read more via CBC News…

Help Becky + Aaron out  by chipping in to get these pianos back on the streets!

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Homesteader’s Emporium is Westender‘s Cover Story

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Rick Havlak, the founder of Slingshot 2 venture Homesteader’s Emporium, talks homebrewing, cheese-making, and the importance of connecting with other people face to face on the quest for self-sufficiency.

“Havlak says he started daydreaming while homebrewing about all the other projects his mom tried to interest him in – canning, making soap, making bread from scratch – that he had resisted as a kid, and before long, he and his homebrewing buddy were trying a new project a week, from building innovative beehives to making artisan cheese.

They quickly ran into the same problem most burgeoning homesteaders encounter, though:

“We just started reading on the Internet and looking through books and doing what we could to teach ourselves these things” says Havlak. “But it was problematic…because we hadn’t talked to a human being. Without a connection to people that already had a long history of making cheese or keeping bees, or – to generalize – pursuing self-sufficiency and heritage skills, we found that we were sort of lost.” Read more via…

You can visit Homesteader’s Emporium at 649 East Hastings.

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Repair Matters featured on CoV’s Greenest City blog

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The Repair Matters team, including current RADIUS Fellows Jessica Beketa and Shea O’Neil, is on Bright Green Summer, the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City blog, this week.

““We’re just getting started, but we’re excited about sharing knowledge in our community around there being more to zero waste than recycling. That’s where repair comes in—not everyone engages with zero waste, but everyone has had something break in their lives.” Read more on the Greenest City blog…