Multicultural Understanding Initiative is our first Social Innovation Fund recipient

RADIUS is happy to announce that the first recipient of Social Innovation Fund moneys is the Multicultural Understanding Initiative. The Project’s funding application outlined its vision in this short animated video:

Minghui Yu, the leader of the project, is an SFU Management of Technology MBA student (cohort 2014) and works at UBC as a programmer analyst. He came to Canada in 2003 from China. He describes the Multicultural Understanding Initiative:

“This project is to promote multicultural understanding. I believe the capability to identify and understand commonalities and dissimilarities in different cultures and to associate those commonalities and dissimilarities with concrete examples in a culture context are two key components in successful multiculturalism.”

Minghui Yu
This seed funding will help Minghui further develop his idea and conduct community consultation. His tentative project plan outlines three phases:

Phase 1: Build an online repository for perfect (or excellent) translation of proverbs in different languages. A perfect translation means culture-bound translation and literary translation with aspects of pragmatic meaning.
Phase 2: Build an online repository of comparable historical events and historical persons in different cultures.
Phase 3: Build an online repository to compare the commonalities, similarities, and dissimilarities in religions and cultures.
Active community engagement and result-oriented practice will be throughout the project. I will invite local community members to participate in this project. The delivery of the project is to provide a cookbook alike resource to help Canadians enhance multicultural understanding.”

Social Innovation funding is available to SFU students from RADIUS in partnership with Sustainable SFU. Read more for details and to submit a funding application.