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As a core part of the Slingshot Accelerator program, we provide ventures with the opportunity to connect and work with best-in-class Program Delivery Partners. Read on to meet Junxion Strategy, Manning Elliott, and Miller Titerle + Company and learn about their offering, commitment and support.

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Slingshot Accelerator Marcom Partner: Junxion Strategy

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With offices in Vancouver and London, Junxion Strategy is an international impact consultancy that works to catalyse progress on social and environmental sustainability. They inspire conscious leadership and nurture trusted organizations, consulting on strategy and planning, branding and communications, and impact measurement and reporting.
Mike Rowlands is President & CEO of Junxion Strategy and is RADIUS Ventures’ Entrepreneur in Residence. His goal is to ensure that the social entrepreneurs in RADIUS accelerators  STAY entrepreneurial 10+ years after the program. “Early stage social ventures are most ripe to blend strategy, brand, and impact measurement; it’s much harder to do this in a larger organization,” shared Mike.
An entrepreneur himself, Mike leads Junxion, works with RADIUS, and is Director of the Social Venture Network. He also serves as an Executive Producer of the annual Social Venture Institute and sits on the Board of Directors of the Hollyhock Institute, and is a B Corp Ambassador, helping to accelerate the growth of that community of responsible businesses.
Junxion has spent 20 years supporting mission-minded founders, pioneers of corporate social responsibility, non-profit executives, and philanthropists. By working at all levels, from “the big guys” to early stage companies, Junxion shares varied perspectives and ways of working, for the benefit of their clients.
Junxion is excited to see RADIUS focusing on accelerating ventures that are helping people live healthy lives. More than 40% of Junxion’s clients have worked in the healthcare sector. “Healthcare is the most complex of sectors,” shared Mike Rowlands, “ new ventures need to understand their place in the rapid rollout of new technologies, the sheer scale, the multiple union and labour relationships, the role of human behaviour, and the inability to forecast supply and demand.” Good thing you’ll have Mike on your side!
As part of the Slingshot Accelerator Program, participants will have a chance to work with Junxion Strategy on developing their brand, strategy, and marketing and communications.

Apply for the Slingshot Accelerator Today! 

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Slingshot Accelerator Accounting Partner: Manning Elliott

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We are excited to have Manning Elliott join our Program Delivery Partners this year, with Adam Denny leading the initiative on behalf of the firm!
Manning Elliott was founded in 1952 and consists of over 150 dedicated chartered professional accountants and business advisors with years of experience and success working with small businesses, growing public companies, and not-for-profit organizations. The firm has worked with thousands of early stage ventures that are looking to structure their business for growth and operations.
Adam Denny specializes in private company assurance and advisory services in a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution and transportation sectors. He has also worked extensively with not-for-profit as well as environmental and sustainability organizations, and has been involved in the preparation and presentation of course material for Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia with respect to accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.
“We’re excited to work with companies that are innovative and solving real problems”, relays Adam about their participation in the RADIUS Slingshot Accelerator. The firm is also rallying some of their youngest and brightest employees to get involved, build their networks, and build their understanding of early stage businesses. Adam says that it’s the opportunity to “meet and support individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset that are helping to improve people’s way of life,” that drove him and Manning Elliott to get involved.
As part of the Slingshot Accelerator Program, ventures will have access and the ability to meet 1-1 with Adam and his colleagues and ensure that accounting processes and systems are setup correctly. “We also have relationships with other financial services organizations that early stage ventures may need access to down the road,” shared Adam. From the basic accounting questions, to software, to tax-planning questions – Manning Elliott will be able to support ventures with answering their questions. Want to ensure you get off on the right foot?

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Slingshot Accelerator Legal Partner: Miller Titerle + Company

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Miller Titerle is committed to changing the way people think about business lawyers and the legal industry. Founded seven years ago, the firm is taking their own approach and challenging the legal status quo – and they are helping people do good things while they’re at it!
This is Miller Titerle’s second year as a Program Delivery Partner, with partner, David Ford, leading the charge. David has more than 20 years experience working with startups and early stage ventures to support corporate formation, help secure financing and preparing for exit. He specializes in technology companies and  passionate about working with ventures with a social purpose. “I’m excited about working with ventures that have interesting solutions that solve real problems”, shared David, “I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, particularly those that are working to do some god work in the world.”
David encourages early stage entrepreneurs to work with lawyers earlier rather than later. “It’s about ensuring that you have the protections and structures in place so you can avoid things blowing up two years down the road.” Thanks David – we agree! But not just risk mitigation, it’s also about setting yourself up for long term success. “Involving professionals early and beginning to develop relationships with lawyers and accountants is important,” advises David. “Have them work together, a little bit of cooperation early on can go a long way.”
This year we are excited to be able to provide ventures with that coordinated and collaborative approach to legal and accounting. The goal will be to keep things simple and clean, and ensure that all of the ventures are set up for success.

Apply for the Slingshot Accelerator Today! 

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Slingshot ventures will have the opportunity to tap into the passion and business expertise of our Program Delivery Partners, which provide in-kind services to the ventures directly as well as facilitate a series of sessions and workshops throughout the duration of the program.
To access all of the benefits of the RADIUS Slingshot Accelerator, including the $25K equity investment for every venture, early stage ventures that help people live healthy lives should apply before June 30th 2017.
The RADIUS Slingshot Accelerator supports early stage impact ventures. Through Slingshot’s unique combination of cohort based learning, individualized mentorship and equity investment – we support you in becoming investment, market and growth ready. Interested in becoming a Program Delivery Partner? We’d love to chat. Feel free to reach us at

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