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Image: Slingshot 3 venture Zero Wast Market holding a pop-up shop at Patagonia.

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Are you or your organization interested in supporting social businesses in Vancouver? RADIUS Ventures is focused on finding and amplifying top emerging impact ventures. The RADIUS Ventures Service Partner Network gives you an opportunity to make a significant impact on social entrepreneurs and the trajectory of their ventures. 
Wondering what that looks like?  Here’s an example:

One of the ventures from our third Slingshot cohort, Zero Waste Market, teamed up with interior design firm service partner ZAS Architects to build out their first brick and mortar store. “We’ve been working with them for just under a year,”  Zero Waste Market founder Brianne Miller shared with us. “It’s been a great opportunity for us to work with partners that are well established and looking to get more involved in the community and build new expertise.”

The motivation for ZAS Architects to work on this project – in addition to their interest in supporting emerging talent – was to create a case study on green building to present to their team. Green building and interior design is seen as a growth area for the firm and, according to Brianne, “ZAS has helped us with everything from doing the architectural drawings of our space to design consultation and working with us to incorporate elements of brand into our store design”.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you or your firm would like to pursue, keep scrolling to learn more about the RADIUS Ventures Service Partner Network.

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The RADIUS Ventures Service Partner Network

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Our ventures tap into the passion and business expertise of our service partners. The RADIUS Ventures Service Partner Network is a network of organizations and individuals looking to support impact-focused businesses in Vancouver. There are three tiers of partners in our network: Program Delivery Partner, Service Contributor, and Perks Provider. By sharing their time and knowledge, our service partners make a significant impact on the entrepreneurs in our programs and meaningfully influence the trajectory of their ventures.

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Service Partner Tiers Description
Program Delivery Partner Program Delivery Partners provide in-kind services to RADIUS Venture program participants in addition to facilitating program sessions on topic areas of expertise. Program Delivery Partners provide a minimum of five in-kind hours of service per program participant and facilitate a minimum of two program sessions per cycle.
Our existing Program Delivery Partners include:

Service Contributor Our Service Contributors come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and pledge an average of 10 to 15 hours over the course of a year. Service Contributors provide a 50% discount on their rates to program participants and work with the participant to coordinate project scope, estimated number of hours, and expectations of the engagement.
Perks Partners  Perks Partners provide complimentary or discounted access to productivity tools and softwares, point-of-sale systems and cloud services, etc. for ventures in the RADIUS Ventures programs.
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Joining the RADIUS Ventures Service Partner Network

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By joining the RADIUS Ventures Service Partner Network, you and your organization will be able to meaningfully impact social businesses, tap into the RADIUS network of changemakers and be showcased on our website and via our social media channels.
Interested in joining the RADIUS Venture Service Partner Network as a Service Contributor? Please take 15 minutes to fill out our Service Contributor Survey on behalf of yourself or your organization. We will ask you to provide a bit of information about yourself and your organization, the skills and services that you would be able to provide, any past CSR initiatives or work experience you’ve had with impact-focused companies and 1-2 professional references. If your organization is selected to move forward, we will ask that you share 2-3 typical projects that you or your organization can deliver on, with the estimated number of hours to complete each and the number of hours you would be able to pledge to our program participants.
Interested in in joining the RADIUS Venture Service Partner Network as a Program Delivery Partner, Perks Partner or Mentor? Get in touch here

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