Become a RADIUS Fellow – APPLY NOW!

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The RADIUS Fellowship is Metro Vancouver’s preeminent professional development opportunity for top emerging social innovators from across the region. During the intensive 4-month experience Fellows build relationships with their peers, develop personally and professionally, and tap into the broader social innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Applications for the 2018 Fellowship are open until November 4.
The cohort meets weekly from February 6 to May 29, 2018.

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What do Fellows say?

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 I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone many times, but from that learned in ways I never would before. – 2017 Fellow

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 The RADIUS Fellowship changed my life. It came to me at a time when I was stuck both personally and professionally… I feel ready, and set with the right tools to grow personally and begin a meaningful career. I no longer feel stuck.  – 2016 Fellow

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 I felt the connection I developed within the Fellowship program firmly reintroduced me to a professional network here in Vancouver.  – 2015 Fellow

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 I looked forward to working out of the co-working space, which was always buzzing with awesome changemakers.  – 2017 Fellow

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The RADIUS Fellowship Program Details

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Fellowship weekly sessions consist of a mix of facilitated learning experiences, dialogues with guests, and social activities. Sample topics of focus include social innovation, design thinking, personal leadership and engaging stakeholders in your work. Fellowship perks include access to a professional coach, membership at the RADIUS co-working space, and access to the broader RADIUS network through events, meet-ups and personal introductions.

Learn more about the specifics of the program, and apply here.

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Are you a RADIUS Fellow?

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Fellows are doers, explorers, innovators and changemakers. They are local leaders invested in Metro Vancouver communities. They have relentless dedication and an early track record building solutions in support of a more just, resilient and sustainable future. They are early in their professional careers, dedicated to learning and growing, and passionate about contributing to a strong community of social innovators.
Apply now!

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Get in touch! Shoot an email over to the Fellowship Program Manager, Tamara Connell if you have questions about the experience and whether it’s right for you – tconnell[at]

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One response to “Become a RADIUS Fellow – APPLY NOW!”

  1. Emmy says:

    I am a first year from UBC!
    I am wondering where and when our meetings would be?
    Thank you for letting me know!