Build Your Dream in Social Venture Accelerator Summer Course

Are you, or do you know, an SFU student with a killer social impact idea? Interested in helping launch a social venture this summer? Let’s do it together! Check out this hands-on entrepreneurship experience this summer open to any SFU student with 60 credits or more.
Here’s what’s on offer:

  • $150 cash on Day 1 to fund your idea, and up to $3000 in awards for shared among top ventures
  • Tons of hands on support from top mentors, and the push to make it happen, the tools to build, test and launch your team’s idea
  • 3 business credits
  • A high profile, deep learning opportunity to take what you learn inside the classroom and apply it to the real world!

There are only 24 seats! Entrance is by application with a 200-word expression of interest letter and copy of your unofficial transcript, and open to all SFU students with 60 credits. Please send to Natasha Mrkic-Subotic ( or Shawn Smith ( and once approved you will be enrolled automatically.

RADIUS Team with 2013 Accelerator Cohort

RADIUS Team with 2013 Accelerator Cohort

Course Information
Summer Intersession (twice weekly sessions for 7 weeks)

  • Courser Number: BUS 492
  • Number of Credits: 3
  • Date: May 5th – June 16th
  • Class format: seminar, workshop & learning lab
  • Instructors: Natasha Mrkic-Subotic and Shawn Smith

Some Stats and Quotes from Previous Years

  • 45% rate as their best class ever, while the other 55% highly recommend
  • 80% rate themselves more confident/likely to become an entrepreneur (10% were already convinced coming in, 10% decided its not for them)

Quotes from 2012 Cohort

“This was the most eye opening and enjoyable class by far I have ever taken. Social Venture Accelerator gave me the fundamental knowledge on how to be an entrepreneur.”
“It was an experience of a lifetime, that forced me to go outside my comfort zones and actually begin to put to practice all that I had learnt and been sitting on in all my years at SFU. Because of this course I feel more confident in my abilities as well as entirely revolutionizing my conception of how much I can accomplish, and essentially there are far less No’s in my vocabulary.”
“This class was AMAZING! The instructor ensured I was able to understand all the concepts and apply them to my business, which was much needed as I knew absolutely nothing about business before taking this course.”
“Enrolling in the Social Enterprise Accelerator was the best decision I ever made at SFU. I learned more in the last 3 months than I did in 6 years at SFU/coop. You’ll learn so much about what social entrepreneurship is, how to create a positive impact, and what it takes to create and run a successful business.”
“BY FAR the best class I have ever taken at SFU. It teaches real world skills following a proven, tested system. This class is essential for any aspiring entrepreneur and even non-entrepreneurs as the skills taught in this class will carry over seamlessly to the 21st Century workplace.”
“Anybody from any faculty can flourish in entrepreneurship. I would recommend this course to anyone that has ever been curious about creating their own company after they graduate or have any interest in entrepreneurship at all.”
“The class was engaging, applicable, provided students with real life opportunity, and was totally hands-on. No one learns profoundly from simply reading a text book.”
“This class has changed my life and increased my courage and confidence to pursue my dreams.”

Venture Examples From Previous Cohorts – a ride sharing platform that allows university students and professionals to instantly find anyone they want to ride share with, saving time and money and reducing CO2 emissions.
ReFilamer – building a unique desktop 3D printing filament recycling solution that creates a closed loop production cycle, saving users money, reducing CO2 and keeping waste out of landfills.
Aspire – creating a software testing company that employs autistic individuals for their excellence in detail oriented, repetitive tasks.

Shawn Smith and the winning team, Enablelife, from 2013 cohort

Shawn Smith and the winning team, Enablelife, from 2013 cohort

Fusion Kitchen – cultural cooking classes taught by women who are experts of the culture building self confidence, work experience and income generation opportunities for women who have recently immigrated to Canada.
Foodavinci – a dynamic recipe engine for people with multiple allergies and food restrictions, providing food substitutes, products and recipes for unique diets.
Daycarepedia – daycare search and rating service bringing transparency and efficiency for busy parents in an opaque and inefficient daycare market.
EnableLife – online community and forum for the disabilities community to share life hacks, tips and tricks that is already showing strong interest from organizational and individual users.
*Several teams from previous programs are building their companies, with many receiving media, funding, formal incubation opportunities and other support post accelerator. This is a once in a degree opportunity.