Radical Doer Internships at RADIUS LAB

The LAB program at RADIUS is getting it done
Launched in 2012, the RADIUS LAB program is an interdisciplinary collaboration with Ecotrust Canada and the Beedie School of Business. Graduate level students are provided first-hand experience in the field of social and ecological innovation, working on real-time projects with professionals and people-in-place. Our work to date has covered 3 cohorts, 9 students, and 13 projects.
In an ecosystem of labs that spans the globe, our program can be categorized alongside other Canadian ‘Social Innovation’ labs — we are focused on developing breakthrough solutions to intractable problems, we bring new components together in new relationships for disruptive change, and we’re working to tip systems in the direction of greater resilience in sustainability.
Zaid Hassan has defined ‘social innovation labs as “social, experimental, and systemic.” More than a singular tool or methodology, we represent a particular social technique that combines the best of a number of pre-existing social technologies. We’re continuously improving and we’re excited to have a chance to learn from Hassan when he visits Vancouver in April.
We’re tackling big issues and having fun doing it
Resource development, social license, impact investing, and supply chain management have all been on the table. Our teams have worked on product traceability, emissions reductions, new business model generation, and pay-for-performance models of social finance.
What ties these projects together is a common focus on developing integrative solutions to complex social problems. We do this through a process of creative problem-solving that combines academic rigour with insightful exploration. We mix empathy and empiricism with equal measures of audacity, humility and humour; what results are Radical Ideas Useful to Society.
We want you to join us
Systems are a function of people and purpose – our LAB is no different. We rely on a diversity of perspective and we thrive on challenging assignments. Bring us your problem, lend us a hand and join in the process of strategic exploration.
We’re looking for graduate students who are interested in learning first-hand what it takes to tackle systems change. We’re also seeking ‘firms of endearment’ who want to share in the adventure and can lend some practical expertise.
If you’re interested in joining us or if you want to learn more, reach out to me, Colin Stansfield.