Climate Guides & Refood Awarded SFU Student Social Innovation Seed Funding!

The SFU Student Social Innovation Seed Fund is a joint initiative of Embark Sustainability and RADIUS that supports thoughtful change endeavours with social and environmental impact at their core. The Fund allocates sums ranging from $200-$2000 to SFU undergraduate and graduate student social innovators. Our next application cycle closes Nov 30th, 2018. Apply now!

Climate Guides

Co-leads Caroline Mercer, Marina Melandis and Michal Marcis seek to guide a narrative of hope and opportunity rather than doom-and-gloom about climate change. Climate Guides is a youth-led initiative that connects youth under 30 to professionals addressing climate change through mentorship. Mentors come from fields of conservation, energy, food systems, marine science, communication, policy and waste, among others. In turn, these pairs champion adaptation, mitigation and awareness-oriented solutions. Recognizing that our generation of climate leaders is making tangible impacts, Climate Guides built a platform to support them.
Connect with Climate Guides online:
Facebook: @climateguides
Twitter: @climate_guides
Instagram: @climateguides


When the Refood team noticed that food vendors were tossing out healthy food surplus deemed ‘unsellable’ due to appearance, they started picking up these food items and delivering them to charities in Metro-Vancouver. The team soon realized the magnitude of the food waste problem when the amount of food they encountered often exceeded charities’ needs. So, they explored ways to repurpose the food into a product they could sell. The Seed Fund is supporting the Refood team to launch their first experiment: converting surplus tomatoes (the most commonly thrown out produce) into a nutritious, low-sodium, canned soup. They plan to sell the canned soups at existing grocery stores that they partner with, putting the revenue towards purchasing a refrigerated truck that will allow Refood to continue delivering food to more remote communities.
Connect with Refood online:
Instagram: @refoodcanada
Facebook: @RefoodCa