June 6th: BlastOff with RADIUS Ventures! A Slingshot celebration + Startup City: Impact Kickoff

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Since December, the hard-working ventures in Slingshot 3, RADIUS Ventures’ flagship 6-month accelerator, have learned, tested, grown, challenged, and laughed with (and at) each other.
Supported by Vancity and the Business Development Bank of Canada, the Ventures program finds and amplifies top emerging social ventures and helps them to become investment ready and growth ready.
As this 3rd Slingshot cohort wraps up, you’re invited to a community celebration – part demo-day, part social innovation mixer, part kick-off to Startup City: Impact!
Come on out if you:

  • want to learn about and celebrate these 7 food and beverage social impact ventures
  • want to connect with social entrepreneurs who are in the thick of things – share experiences, lessons learned, and helpful connections
  • want to help us say thank you to the presenters, mentors, and supporters who have contributed to this Slingshot cohort
  • are interested in the Slingshot program and want to find out more
  • like spending time with a lot of fun, passionate innovators!

Who are the Slingshot 3 Ventures?

  • Amoda Tea – Amoda is a wellness brand with a collection of fun and natural teas, organic matcha and superfood matcha mixes. Our collection of loose leaf teas are delivered through a monthly subscription box and curated online shop. We scour the shelves of small, independent tea blenders from all around the world and choose their best teas to introduce to you.
  • The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Co. – The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company (221 Abbott St) is Indigenous-owned and plant-inspired. We infuse the traditional local with the traditional global for a very Vancouver flavour offering. The Capilano is owned and operated by Michelle and Paisley Nahanee, a mother-daughter family from the Squamish Nation. We walk in two worlds, infusing the traditional teachings of our family throughout our contemporary business practices.
  • Coast Protein – Coast Protein is a disruptive product positioning itself as a premium brand for cricket protein powders, supplements, meal replacements, protein bars and cookies. By following the principles of the circular economy and the triple bottom-line Coast Protein will offer top quality products to consumers who desire protein supplements and adhere to a contemporary healthier lifestyle.
  • Heilu – An appetizing and nutritious whole food powder that can be used in anything from shakes to cakes and soups to sausages, Heilu is a solution to the dilemma faced by conscious consumers must choose among protein products that are unsustainable, unnatural, unethical, and/or unaffordable. Heilu is made from black soldier fly larvae; you may not have heard of this insect yet, but our mission is to ensure the whole world does.
  • Naked Snacks – Naked Snacks is an online food company delivering healthy and delicious custom snack mixes throughout Canada. All Naked Snacks products must meet the company’s nutritional specifications: 80% whole grown goodness straight from the source, 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart decisions. By using the subscription service, busy customers can feel confident knowing that they’ll always have trusted snacks on hand, without needing to deal with the hassle of restocking their supplies.
  • Thirsty Whale Elixirs – Looking for a great way to bring a lot of fruit flavour to your sodas or cocktails, but not a lot of sugar and no preservatives? Well look no further. Shrub is the elixir for you! Our shrubs (or fruit-vinegar-sugar syrups) are hand-crafted in small batches in the heart of Vancouver’s east-side using local BC fruits, Canadian organic apple cider vinegar, cane sugar and an assortment of herbs and spices.
  • Zero Waste Market – Zero Waste Market is saving the planet one reusable container at a time! We are Canada’s first grocery store to offer 100% package-free whole foods and fresh produce, specializing in local, organic, and ethically sourced items. We enable customers to bring their own containers and reusable bags from home to refill with food, thereby empowering them to reduce their impact on the environment by saying no to unnecessary packaging. We hope to open our permanent Vancouver storefront within the next 12 months.