RADIUS accelerates ventures that help people live healthy lives & invests $25K / Slingshot venture

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RADIUS Ventures has some BIG NEWS:

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  • We invest in your ventures: RADIUS now offers a $25K investment to every venture in the Slingshot Accelerator!
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  • We focus on health: We’re focusing on accelerating ventures that help people live healthy lives!
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In addition to receiving a $25K investment in your venture, entrepreneurs in the Slingshot Accelerator will:

  • build business and innovation acumen,
  • grow a powerful network of mentors and peers,
  • develop strong financial, legal and marcom strategies,
  • benefit from an expanded pool of service providers, tech interns and experts.

RADIUS has refined our Ventures programs to maximize the impact we can offer. We’re building on past success and responding to the needs of early stage entrepreneurs to get you market, growth and investment ready.

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RADIUS focuses on accelerating ventures that help people live healthy lives.  
Early stage entrepreneurs working on ventures that prevent chronic disease by creating or incentivizing healthy choices are encouraged to apply to a 2017-18 RADIUS Ventures cohorts before June 30.

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The RADIUS Slingshot Accelerator

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The RADIUS Slingshot Accelerator helps early stage impact ventures become investment ready and growth ready. Slingshot’s six month program offers…

  • Direct redeemable equity investment of $25,000
  • Cohort based learning, to build close ties with other entrepreneurs grappling with the same challenges and opportunities;
  • Individualized capacity building, with a dedicated Entrepreneur-in-Residence and a broad mentor and advisory network;
  • Pro bono legal, accounting, and marcomms support;
  • Access to a tech intern for 4 weeks; and
  • Access to Gastown office space and a range of business perks.

Learn more or apply now

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The RADIUS Trampoline Business Model Validation Program

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The Trampoline Program is a validation stage program for new and emerging impact ventures looking to test and refine their business model. The program is designed to support entrepreneurs and ventures to test alignment, or potential alignment, between the following three core themes:

  1. Is the problem you hope to address real, significant, and a driver of negative health outcomes?  
  2. Is the solution that you offer a viable, effective, and competitive way to address the problem?
  3. Are you the entrepreneur that can bring this solution to market (and have fun doing it)?    

Learn more or apply now

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Let’s not forget about these folks

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The launch of the RADIUS investment pool is made possible in part through the support of the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship.
The Slingshot Program is supported the Business Development Bank of Canada and delivered with support from Miller Titerle + Co, Manning Elliott, and Junxion Strategy.  RADIUS is proud to be an official “Social Change Partner” of Vancity Credit Union.
Have a question? Want to connect? Know a friend who should apply? Comment on this post and the RADIUS Ventures team will respond!

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