concAUCTION – A Pivotal Moment

Jannika Nyberg (pictured above) is a 2016 Fellows alumna and youth education superstar. 

This year’s concAUCTION is coming up on May 15th – get your tickets now!

I joined the RADIUS Fellowship because I was in search of my tribe, a community of dope humans who were actively building lives of courageous citizenry. At the time, I was working on a community development fellowship and feeling fairly isolated. I applied to the program, inspired by the promise of personal growth development and social innovation learning.

I left the program connected to a community of dope humans who continue (to this day) to support, challenge and inspire one another.

This collective support came in super handy when preparing for the 2016 concAUCTION, as I was forced to consolidate my complex-systems community development applied to democratic education project into a one minute pitch. Obviously, I need major help.

When I was first told about concAUCTION I was skeptical and nervous. A night to pitch our changemaking projects in one-minute to a room full of local leaders? Sounds scary.

It’s kind of like a live crowdsourcing of ‘asks’ (needed resources, suggestions or mentorship). People raise their hands to indicate they’d like to chat with a numbered Fellow, they get tagged with the corresponding number, and then on the break – BOOM! – idea sparks connection.

The night before the Auction of innovative ideas, I called up my fellow Fellows for pitch-perfecting advice. Thank goodness my cohort is full of concise, critical thinkers who so lovingly cut through my scattered mind.

The night of the event was…… Pivotal.

It was the first time I’d ever put my pitch on auction. It was the first time I’ve ever landed a dream job by pitching my idea live!

Well, almost… concAUCTION introduced me to my current boss at YELL Canada, who would later hire me to live out my dream job.

Call it synchronicity… call it a happy coincidence… concAUCTION creates the space to connect you to amazing opportunity and above all, amazing people.
You never know who you’ll meet.

I’ll see you there.


Click here to purchase tickets for concAUCTION on May 15th.