Salto Social: The Final Stretch

Milica Pavlovic is spending three months with RADIUS in Quito, Ecuador and reporting back on her experiences.
Salto SocialWith only one class left in the Salto Social incubator program, this week the five teams of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs worked together to calculate the finances behind their business models.
This second to last session proved an eventful one, with Felipe and Jose from Reino Funghi presenting their delicious mushrooms for the Salto Social and Impacto Quito members to enjoy. During the class break, we helped ourselves to samples while the team behind the mushrooms briefly explained the cultivation process and their passion for their product.
Next week, with the wrap-up of the Salto Social incubator, the teams will prepare their final lessons and begin to formulate their business pitch for a community event which will take place the following week.

Felipe and Jose from Reino Funghi

Felipe and Jose from Reino Funghi

Through this, the teams will apply the skills acquired throughout the Salto Social incubator and have the opportunity to present their innovations to mentors, community members, and other interested stakeholders.
Between the intensive incubator classes on Wednesday and the legal aid workshop on Thursday and Friday which some of the Salto Social team members are attending, this week has been a busy one for both Salto Social and Impacto Quito!
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