Thank you Maggie Knight – and good luck!

We’re sad (for us!) and happy (for her!) to announce that the inimitable Maggie Knight is leaving the RADIUS team at the end of her contract this month, to take on a new challenge working with the BC Civil Liberties Association. For anyone that knows Maggie’s passion, integrity and intelligence, and the deep social justice streak that runs to her core, their work to “…preserve, defend, maintain and extend civil liberties and human rights in Canada” is about to get a serious boost.
Maggie joined RADIUS at a time when we were doubling our budget and programming for the second year in a row, and showing strains at the seams as we raced to keep up. Her original brief was to help stabilize our core operations, and position us for more sustainable growth. She did this and much more. In her time here she brought tighter processes to our organization, a rhythm to our team’s functioning, a powerful and consistent voice to our communications, and heart and soul to the RADIUS community.
She quickly became the driving force of how we work as a team and we will miss her dearly – we’re also deeply thankful as her work to entrench all of the above has left us far more capable of navigating these inevitable transitions in a growing organization.
Maggie is loved by many, so we thought we’d share a few thoughts from others she’s worked with in our community!

Minister Stilwell visit

L to R: Maggie Knight, Hon. Michelle Stilwell (Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation), Blaize Reich (former Dean, Beedie School of Business), Donovan Woollard, Shawn Smith

Maggie amazes me. She is compassionate, brilliant, and authentic. Not only has Maggie been someone that I can lean on, but she has also been someone that I can look up to. 

  • Zoya Jiwa, 2015 RADIUS Fellow and 2016 SFU Student Social Innovation Activator

Maggie has just been an amazing contributor to RADIUS.  She has ensured that the story of RADIUS and the great work of the team and people involved are told in a dynamic and engaging way. She ensures the entire operation is well run and that all the details are ‘handled.’  She does it all with professionalism and a calm, cool demeanor!  Just what everyone needs when you have such a growing and engaged program at SFU.  I wish her well in her new role and know that she’ll still be part of RADIUS – who ever really leaves RADIUS!

  • Kirk Hill, Assistant Dean, External Relations, Beedie School of Business

Maggie Knight is fearless! She has pushed our organization to work with the utmost integrity, be bolder, and think bigger. Maggie will be dearly missed.

  • Kiri Bird, LED Lab Manager

Deep in the focus zone during the Slingshot 3 opening retreat

It has been a pleasure working alongside Maggie at Radius.  She has been so open and welcoming to the whole LEDlab team. Her smile and giggles will be missed within the corridors of the Amp.

  • Anna Migicovsky, LEDlab team member

I knew of Maggie and the amazing work she did far before meeting her. She’s one of those people I hear of constantly and I build up this fear of meeting them because I’m already intimidated! I’m fortunate to have shared space at the Amp with Maggie so I could meet the real her – whose intellect, ideas and drive give one every reason to be intimidated but whose ridiculously warm, genuine & jubilant personality prevent you from feeling anything but happy and energized when you’re around her. I am excited to follow Maggie’s ambitious journeys and be inspired in the impact she’s making in the world. 

  • Rachel Forbes, Principal, Sharp Six (and AMP colleague!)

I and the AMP community will miss her big time. I still remember her asking “are you an introvert or an extrovert who likes his space?” Good luck Maggie!

  • Daniel Mundeva, LEDlab team member

TweetsMaggie has an absolutely incredible amount of knowledge, skill, and wisdom, often surpassing professionals decades older than her! She’s got an amazing career of change-making ahead of her, and I look forward to watching that unfold.

  • Tamara Connell, Lead Educator, RADIUS

In the time I’ve worked with RADIUS, Maggie was the person I leaned on the most to help me navigate through all the uncertainties and excitement in my role. I’m most appreciative of having been reminded that being a grown-up means I get to make decisions (!), sharing bars of dark chocolate, and most of all to have gained a friend.

  • Rizwan Qaiser, Research and Campus Projects Coordinator, RADIUS

In my time at RADIUS, we jokingly (but also quite seriously) demarcated time into BM and AM…Before and After Maggie. The woman has many gifts and magical powers which I admire greatly, and I’m not sure any other anecdote can sum up the impact she had on our whole team and RADIUS as an organization. I consider it an honour a friendship blossomed between us that sees us still spending regular time together and being one of each other’s go-to people for big life events. Maggie Knight, I am so excited for your next chapter and cannot wait to see what you build next! 

  • Jenn McRae, past RADIUS team member

An early morning aboard the RADIUS Cascadia Social Innovation Train Tour! (with RADIUS Fellow Brielle Morgan)

Maggie hustles for her people with grace and wit. She’s quick to support friends, make helpful connections, and “like” your keenest Facebook posts. Also, she plays a mean game of euchre and has a really cute face.

  • Brielle Morgan, 2015 RADIUS Fellow

On behalf of our team and the entire RADIUS family, we wish Maggie all the continued success she deserves. I’m sure we’ll be working together on something soon, and have no doubt she’ll continue to give ’em hell in the fight for a more just, sustainable and healthy society.
Shawn Smith
Director, RADIUS SFU