Meet the first cohort of the Fireweed Fellowship program!

RADIUS and the First Peoples Enterprise Accelerator Program (FPEAP) are very excited to welcome and share with you all the first cohort of the Fireweed Fellowship, an initiative of Raven Indigenous Capital Partners (RICP). RADIUS’ FPEAP partnered with RICP earlier this year to support the design and delivery of the program—the first national accelerator program for Indigenous entrepreneurs.

After months of collaborating, designing, recruiting, and finally—selecting the entrepreneurs for the cohort, the first session kicked off last week!

Covid-19 social distancing measures meant that in-person gathering was not feasible—nonetheless, the group gathered virtually for a feast to mark the beginning of their journey together. 

Joining the inaugural cohort is Margo Tamez⁠, Joleen Mitton⁠, Ecko Aleck⁠, Dr. Julie Bell⁠, Lynn-Marie Angus⁠, Joella Hogan⁠, Sage Lacerte⁠, Leigh Joseph, Nikki Sanchez⁠, Kim Wheatley⁠, Rebeka Tabobondung⁠, Angela DeMontigny⁠, Melissa Daniels⁠, Trish Pitura & Melanie Bernard⁠, Devon Fiddler, Heather Morigeau⁠, Celeste Smith, Brenda Dragon⁠, Adrienne Larocque⁠, Nicole McLaren⁠, Larissa Crawford⁠, Clan Mothers⁠ Collective, and Jasmine Plummer⁠.

Congratulations to these twenty-four incredible entrepreneurs, we look forward to following along on your journey!

Click below to read more about each of the fellows. Booklet prepared by Fireweed Fellowship.