RADIUS & MEC partner to deliver Trampoline Program!

In April-May of 2018, RADIUS partnered with Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) to delivery a special iteration of RADIUS’ Trampoline Business Model Validation Program for companies and organizations working on improving access to the outdoors. 

Led by Program Instructor Holden Bonwit, these nine outdoor-enthusiast-led companies underwent an eight-week pre-accelerator program to test alignment in three key areas, daylight critical gaps and gain the confidence to move forward decisively.


Here’s what some of the cohort’s participants had to say about the program: 

Regarding Value Proposition & Customer Segment:

“The first session helped me understand my customers more, and helped me realize that each of our company’s sectors had a different customer avatar. I felt this was very relevant and well delivered as the homework was based on our business.”

Regarding the Addressable Market Research Segment:

“I enjoyed this portion of the program, as I needed to finalize my business model and research. I discovered a lot from the homework we had assigned to us. I felt as though this section was very relevant and well delivered.”

Regarding the Financial Literacy and Modelling Segment:

“I was very grateful for this section as this is the portion I struggle the most with. I enjoyed diving into something that was different than my current layout so that I could better understand how everything interacts. My financial model is very intricate so this break down helped me a lot.”

Regarding Minimum Viable Product Segment:

“Loved this, and use it often when looking at new products/services.”

Read about all nine exciting ventures in the first ever MEC x RADIUS Trampoline Program below: 

Healing in Nature: Bereavement Network is a Toronto based non-for-profit organization that provides support through nature hikes to grieving youth and young adults and their families while building resilience and hope. We want to foster bereavement education, promote mental health with increased mindfulness, improve physical literacy by getting individuals outside, and help build connections in order to make a stronger community.

The Lady Alliance is a non-exclusive collective of outdoor women looking to break down barriers and get women outside.

The Lady Alliance has multiple program offerings for women, bringing them into a growing community of adventure-seeking ladies world-wide. We coordinate adventures and retreats, courses, wilderness wellness workshops and amps for young ladies.

The Lady Alliance is involved in communities across Canada to build confidence, inspire exploration, and educate ladies of all ages. Our goal is to build confidence and community for women through adventure.

Camping with Strangers is part rideshare, part cost cutting, and part guided trip to make the best parts of Ontario more accessible. Trips range from day hikes, to backcountry adventures or cost sharing on a provincial park campsite.

We focus on pushing your limits without straining your bank account. Our communal experiences foster friendships, create unforgettable memories, and provide a priceless introduction to the outdoors so you can start planning adventures of your own.

Les Chèvres de Montagne, is an outdoor girls community. We want to create unique outdoor events and unforgettable moments. Our goal is to inspire and transmit knowledge to girls who want  to start or progress in one or multiple outdoor activities and sports. One particularity of our events is the special vibe we create before, during and after  our activities. We achieve that simply by finding a great spot to practice our sports, having a special snack or beer(s) around a bonfire. If girls finish their day with a smile, the will  to continue the activity or meet new partners, our mission is accomplished.

Pictured: Émilie Richard, Les Chèvres de Montagne

I was brought up on the coast of BC, spending summers outdoors camping, fishing and exploring. My dad passed on his love for all things wild and now I want to pass that on to my own kids. Currently I work in IT as a Scrum Master, and current have a sides projects working on my blog (TheOutdoorAdventure.net) and helping the Leave No Trace Canada board of directors.

Pictured: Paul Osborn, Leave No Trace Canada

Mountain Mentors is an all-female alpine mentorship program for women in Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor. We facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships for likeminded outdoorswomen who mountain bike, backcountry ski/snowboard, and climb.

Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta (ORCA) arose from the disconnect between outdoor recreation groups, and the government. Through the advocacy (conservation and outreach) efforts of BHA, it was discovered that the government struggled with how to get feedback from the multitude of stakeholders that partake in the Alberta outdoors, specifically in regards to policymakers that often have little to no experience with the outdoors. ORCA intends to be that central point of contact, for those organizations that want to amplify their message, and have the ability to provide input directly to the policymakers.
Neil, as chair of both organizations, has firsthand experience in how disconnected groups are from each other, and the government.

Pictured: Neil KeownChair of Alberta Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA)

Renard’s vision is that movement becomes part of everyday life for all families. We offer practical and resourceful content so parents know how to live an active lifestyle with children. Our platform will feature a broad set of healthy habits and movements, physical activities and active games to do at home or outdoors.


Although originally from Kerala, India, Michelle grew up in the small city of Gaborone, Botswana. It was through exposure to these two regions – where the local environment and wildlife is a priority both economically and socially – that her love for conservation grew. This led to her decision to pursue a degree in Natural Resources Conservation at the University of British Columbia, where she is currently completing her third year. Michelle quickly fell in love with the array of outdoor opportunities in and around Vancouver, and enjoys hiking, running and biking in her spare time.
As an immigrant, she was drawn to the stories of other newcomers to Canada, particularly their experiences with the outdoors. Michelle is now working to understand current barriers that exist within BIPOC communities of Vancouver, and hopes to create a culture of outdoor recreation that is more diverse, welcoming and equally accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Pictured: Michelle Luiz, Welcome Home