Seed Funding Awarded to Four SFU Student Social Innovator Groups

The SFU Student Social Innovation Fund, a collaboration between RADIUS and Embark, provides project funding of up to $1000. The next funding deadline is May 17th – apply here!
We are proud to announce four outstanding students groups – Ophthalight Digital Solutions, Kuelii Smart Fan, Urban Nestwork, and Masala Chai Mondays –  have been selected to receive funding through the Social Innovation Seed Fund in the 2015-16 cycle. 
The project teams write:
Ophthalight Digital Solutions is designing and testing the O-Glass, a proprietary technology that enables eye-care professionals to assess patients for the presence of optic neuropathy in very early stages. It is a smart-glass technology that leverages wireless communication to perform automated eye tests, store, analyze and share the results, easier and faster.
The Ophthalight team includes a group of young, bright, and innovative professionals from different fields. Each team member brings a unique knowledge and experience which results in the team growth and product development in the highly technical multi-disciplinary project. 
The vision for Kuelii Smart Fan is to make living more comfortable using smart, efficient, and modern technology. We see smart homes as the future of living, and we’re making the products of tomorrow to share with the world today. Our mission is to bring affordable and user friendly automation to the home and to enhance people’s connection with technology. 
In collaboration with Uproot (a local up-cycling business co-founded by RADIUS Fellows Dayna Stein and Kevin Kimoto), Urban Nestwork diverts cedar off-cuts from the waste stream and creates DIY birdhouse kits that build a connection between people and nature. Our hope is that the act of physically creating the birdhouse in combination with the sights and sounds of the nesting birds, participants will develop a visceral connection to our natural world while increasing the availability of urban nesting habitat. The Urban Nestwork team came together around our shared love for nature and our common sentiment that nature is neglected from the everyday life in urban settings. To learn more, please visit our Facebook page, website, or follow us on Twitter @urban_nestwork.
Masala Chai Mondays is a pilot webseries where interesting and thoughtful changemakers are interviewed. The concept is that the host will have informal chats with guests over a freshly homemade chai. We hope to leave viewers feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes in their lives but also in others. This project is a collaboration between Changemakers Vancouver and Dunya Media, two groups who came together looking to capture the wisdom from all backgrounds and spread powerful stories to inspire others.