Change Lab

What is Change Lab?

Change Lab is a once-in-a-degree experiential learning program open to students from all faculties.

Undergraduate students from a variety of academic backgrounds work together in interdisciplinary teams to investigate a real social, economic, and environmental challenge facing our local community. Together, they build a sustainable intervention to creatively respond to it and present their ideas to community influencers – all in just 13 weeks.

In this immersive experience, students learn about the core practices of social innovation, human-centered design, entrepreneurship. Change Lab remains a popular program for students to step outside of the classroom and their comfort zones to discover what it means to create social change.

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Two different Change Lab experiences​

Change Labs are competitive entry, and you must apply to gain a spot in the cohorts. Visit the different program pages for more information about how to submit your applications to Health Change Lab or Civic Innovation Change Lab.

Civic Innovation Change Lab

Civic Innovation refers to a method that improves the lives of citizens, the functions of cities, the practice of citizenship, or the state of community affairs. This program weaves together advanced knowledge in civic issues, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Students delve into the core practices of dialogue, design thinking, and business model development to become capable of producing impactful social innovations in the City of Vancouver.

Health Change Lab

Health Promotion refers to the process of enabling people to take control of and to improve their health. In Health Change Lab, students learn about social entrepreneurship, systems thinking, public health, and community health. They work in interdisciplinary teams to develop and test an innovative, venture-based response that addresses a pertinent social, environmental, or economic challenge concerning community health in the City of Surrey.


Questions about Change Lab?

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